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Alumni in the News

Barbara Cooombs Lee '70 was interviewed recently on CBS Sunday Morning. Watch the segment here.

Judith Hutchins Bruner '59 just celebrated her 80th birthday. Still working for Deaconess Home Care in Gulfport, MS, she is so beloved by the staff that they had an amazing party for her. See her story and photos here.
Madeleine Sugimoto ‘58, our keynote speaker for 2016 Alumni Day and former faculty member, interviewed by Tony Guida on The Japanese Internment experience (28 mins.)
Amelia “Mimi” Greeley ‘38, who has just celebrated her 100th birthday, on her professional experiences during WWII, in an interview for New York Presbyterian Hospital (3 mins.) and by The New York Times.

Board of Directors (2016-17)

Here you'll see a list of current alumni leaders and information about membership.

Position Name Term Ends

Linda Vecchiotti Saal '71

May, 2018
Vice-President & Program Chair Ina Goldberg '76 May, 2019
Secretary Doris Glick '66 May, 2018
Treasurer Nancy Champe Peters '64 May, 2019
Class Sec. Chair Lee Lillian Detrick Blood '63 May, 2019
Past Presidents & Board Members Pamela Bennett-Santoro '77 May, 2018
Adrienne Addessi '78 May, 2018
Directors Mary Millar '54 May, 2019
Madeleine Sugimoto '58 May, 2019
Gretchen Copeland '76 May, 2019
Stasi Lubansky '78 May, 2018
Mary Belmont '71 May, 2019
Secretary Michelle Lajara
(C) 917-701-6154

Membership and Dues

There are several categories of membership:

  • Regular Membership: $20.00 annually.
    Dues fee shall be the regular established annual subscription. When a regular annual membership subscription is paid for thirty-five (35) consecutive years, “Life Membership” will be granted.
  • Sustaining Membership: $30.00 annually.
    Dues fee shall be equal to one and a half (1.5) times the established regular annual membership subscription. When the sustaining membership is paid for twenty (20) years, “Life Membership” will be granted.
  • Life Membership: No Fee.
    Dues fee shall be equal to twenty (20) years of established regular annual membership subscription. The fee is payable in four (4) installments within the calendar year it is subscribed.
  • Senior Membership: $10 annually.
    Dues shall be one half (1/2) the regular annual membership subscription. Members are eligible when they have reached age 65 and paid membership subscriptions for ten (10) years.

Dues may be sent to:
CU-NYH School of Nursing Alumni Association
Office of Alumni Relations
1300 York Avenue, Box 174
New York, NY 10065
Att: Michelle Lajara